Saturday, May 12, 2012

My First cloud app is up and running .

                  I am very excited to announce this. My first cloud application is up and running .Click here  to navigate the site. A couple of days ago I have started developing a cloud app using Microsoft windows Azure platform. I named it as "SketchIt". It's really makes some fun.

What is SketchIt :     
               SketchIt is a Pencil sketch drawing Application. You can choose your photo and click on "Upload". That’s it . SketchIt automatically   draws your photo with pencil using a powerful pencil sketch engine .It also shows drawn image preview and URL to download your  pencil sketched image .

How it works :        
             SketchIt uses a powerful engine called “Vedhasi”. I have developed this engine and named it as "Vedhasi" . Sketchit is hosted  in Microsoft cloud platform with  two web roles so it is 100% reliable no down time.So start draw your photo with SketchIt..