Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TFS for Java Projects

    As far as TFS is concerned - all code is created equal. It's just bytes in files that it checks in to version control. The TFS doesn't care what language the files are written in.

Here are the some of the supports from java projects from Microsoft

TFS Plug In for Eclipse

This is also called Team Explorer Everywhere. This provides full source control, work item tracking, build, SharePoint, reports access etc. into TFS from Eclipse based IDE's. It's written in 100% Java and talks directly to the web services exposed by TFS.

Cross-platform command line client for TFS

With cross-platform command line client for TFS  you can talk to TFS from the command line on operating system of choice (Mac, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Aix etc.)

TFS SDK for Java

This is a  full API that we used to create the Eclipse integration and cross-platform command line client but packaged up with samples and snippets and ready for you to redistribute with your applications.

Reference urls or more information


1)    Provides more information on how to connect  eclipse

2)             Provides detailed tutorial on working with TFS for Java Projects