Monday, August 26, 2013

Expired Sodexo Coupon Renewal

Is your Sodexo  meal pass or Gift coupons got expired . . Don’t worry . Here is the way to renewal your sodexo passes

=>Write a request letter like this ..

    Request for new Sodexo for Non-utilization in the prescribed period




The Sodexo,

2nd Floor, Scorpio House,

132 Wheeler Road Extension,

Cox Town, Bangalore - 560005

Tel: 080 4033 3444 Fax: 080 4033 3666,

Dear Sodexo team,

Please find enclosed Sodexo meal Pass booklets which are expired on XX date <Month> <Year>. Request you to reissue these meal pass with expiry date of <Date>-<Month>-<Year> . Breakup of the booklets is as below.

50 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

20 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

10 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

Total Amount XXX. The address for the delivery after the revalidation is as below.


<<Your Name >>

My Address

<<Your Name>>

<<Your Address>>>

=>Update this letter with appropriate information 

=> Print in Company letter head

=>Send it to To address which is mentioned in the Sodexo, Bangalore Address  through post