Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Force Visual studio to run always in Administrator Mode

                                             Hmm..Every day when I run the visual studio , by default it does not run in Administrator mode. We need to select "run as administrator" every time.I feel it is a kind of routine task. Here is the two possible solutions to avoid this issue.

Solution #1:

Windows 7:

 1. Go to Start menu
 2. Right click the Visual Studio icon
 3. Go to Properties
 4. Under the Shortcut tab select Advanced

5) Check Run as administrator as specified below 

Follow the below instructions for Windows 8:

 1. Choose "Troubleshoot program"
 2. Verify "The program requires additional permissions"
 3. Click on  "Next", and then click  on "Test the program..."
 4. wait for the program to launch
 5. click on "Next"
 6. select "Yes, save these settings for this program"
 7.Click on  "Close"


    You can also download VSCommands by Squared Infinity which has a feature to change it to run as admin It has also has some additional features. Please check it once .

My Recommendation:

I prefer Solution#2 because:
• It also allows you to easily turn off this functionality.
• VSCommands comes with lots of other great features so I always have it installed anyways.
it's just easier to do than Solution#2.