Thursday, June 16, 2011

New features in ANTS Performance Profiler v.6.1

ANTS Performance Profiler v.6.1The following new features they have introduced .

Added new Application types
The new Ants perfomance profiler  supports .NET framework 4.0 ,Silverlight and XAML browser application.
The new Ants profiler having excellent features callled Attach to process .Using this we can attach to running .NET 4 process.

In-Built Sql server and File I/O analysis

    SQL Server :  Using this we can analyze the sql queries and store procedures any time .
    File I/O  :   Using this we can analyze what are the DLL s/Files using when the application that you are profiling reads from discs or writes.

Command Line:

                     We can Profile application using command line also. Using this we can generate  total report as HTML page .