Thursday, April 18, 2013

I-Measure A strategic tool which makes every session successful and Qualitative outcome

. I have heard and experienced most of the sessions(Technical sessions) not fulfilling the objectives and audience needs. 

I was thinking to find a solution for this problem and l have developed a tool named it as “I-Measure” to resolve these issues.



Advantages of I-Measure:

  1. It does the Pre- and Post- training evaluation. It supports during the ROI calculation on Training and development 
  2. Very light weight installation setup (less than ½ MB)
  3. 100% genuine test result ( freezes the entire screen during the test. He cannot answers from other source like internet)
  4. No registration required for participants. I-Measure automatically register the user during the test

Pre Evaluation :
•    It help’s Training need identification and setting of objectives
•    It also helps in Pre-course identification of people with current skill level and completion of the    preparation required by the facilitator.

Post Evaluation :
•    It gives the outcome  result
•    To assess whether the program contribute to Learn and use of training content on their jobs.
•    It supports to evaluate how many trainees benefited